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           Rongfang International Group Limited is the first China manufacturer specializing in the design and manufacture of IEC certified Explosion proof & Weatherproof Stainless Steel CCTV Camera Stations & Housings for use in Hazardous Areas at Marine, Offshore, Oil & Gas and Industrial locations.

           Rongfang International Group Limited has been awarded Quality Assurance Notification by the government leading Notified Body for Ex Product Certification, under the requirements of IEC for manufacturers of Equipment or Protective Systems for use in Potentially Explosive atmospheres. This certification attests that we have a Quality Management System in place which complies with the Directive for manufacturers of products for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Our quality processes are continuously improved through regular internal and external audits. Our products are manufactured and certified to the IEC requirements for equipment using the Flameproof (EExd & Exd) protection principles.

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