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Zoom proof CCTV camera

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Product type: RFKB-Ex

Explosion proof CCTV class: ExdⅡ CT6 / ExdⅡ BT6

Product material: high quality carbon steel ( stainless steel optional, used in the corrosive environment )

Features: variable focal length, used for amplification of long range monitor target, obtained clear detail monitoring effect

Windows with nano stealth wipers, non-stick water, non-stick oil, exclusion of dust

Application of special explosion-proof CCTV glass, luminous flux rate is high

High hardness high quality carbon steel production, spraying the surface processing

According to customer requirements, with network module / optical transceiver module / wireless transmission module / heating device

Application environment: withⅡ A,Ⅱ B,Ⅱ C type combustible gas ignition temperature group, group T1-T6 District 1, District 2, combustible gas or vapor and air to form an explosive mixture of place, also applies to the ignition T1-T6 temperature group group 20, zone 21, zone 22 zone, containing combustible dust mixture. E.g.: petroleum, chemical, mining, military, medicine, oil, ships, drilling platform, gas station, fireworks production, food processing and storage.

Packing Details

Model / television system


Explosion proof CCTV mark

ExdIIBT6/ExdIICT6   IP66

Electrical connection

Composite cable output

Image sensor

1/4 Sony CCD


480/600 TVLine

Minimum illumination


Camera lens

22×ZOOM  f=3.9~85.5mm

Digital zoom

10 ×

Power supply voltage

DC12V/ AC220V  Optional

Working current


Signal to noise ratio


Ambient temperature


Atmospheric pressure


Relative humidity


Outline dimensions

113mm ×380 mm(long)

The size of the diameter of

105mm ×275 mm((long)

Outlet size

G 1/2 " * 2



Another: the models, customer demand can also be used with other types of bolt, as well as the SONY integration models, such as 980P, 1010CP etc., the specific situation please contact sales staff

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